X64 Edition Password Reset Walkthrough

This walkthrough demonstrates how to use PCWin Recovery X64 Password Reset to reset a Windows user’s password.  If you want to try PCWin Recovery you can download it now.  This walk-through covers PCWin Recovery X64 Password Reset edition. After your computer boots and loads it displays PCWin Recovery instructions page. Step 1 – Selecting your Windows Installation PCWin… Read More »

Help! PCWin Recovery Ate My Files

It’s wonderful that you can remove any Windows password using PCWin Recovery.  What is not so wonderful- is discovering all your important documents and pictures gone after log on!  Thankfully this scenario occurs rarely.  Understanding why files disappear is the story of understanding Windows profiles. If you understand Windows profiles then you already know that your documents are still on… Read More »

Use VBScript to Create a bootable CD

A while ago I wrote about using VBScript to create a bootable USB flash drive which made me think about using VBScript to create a bootable CD.  Well, it turns out that Microsoft provides similar support for creating bootable CDs too! BootableCD.vbs is a VBScript that makes it relatively easy to create a boot CD provided that… Read More »

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive

Ever since Windows Vista, Microsoft has included all the necessary commands in diskpart to create a bootable USB flash drive.  Arguably the hardest part is making sure that you select the correct disk ID.  BootableUSB.vbs is a vbscript that makes it much easier to not only select the correct USB drive, but creates a diskpart… Read More »

Windows Password Reset is now PCWin Recovery

Our old domain name windows-password-reset.com has served us well for many years.  It has also caused us more than a few headaches in that time too.  So, I’m excited to announce the launch of pcwinrecovery.com domain and website. Switching over to pcwinrecovery.com has been a goal of mine for some time.  The new name is shorter,… Read More »